"I AM" Daily Motto (Scroll)
A delightful tool to cultivate positive self-talk and inner strength. These beautifully crafted scrolls feature empowering statements that boost self-esteem, foster resilience, and inspire personal growth. Benefits : Promote a positive mindset: Our affirmations replace self-doubt and negative thoughts, fostering a...
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Activity Journal
Having a hard time expressing yourself? Maybe it's your daughter, sister, or loved one. Help her to spread her wings and grow in the carefree flow of her thoughts and ideas. Each drifting thought is unique, natural, and perhaps unheard...
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Activity Toolbox 1 (ages 6-14)
The HerTruSelf Activity Toolkit is a treasure trove of scientifically researched tools, designed to empower girls aged 6 to 14 on their journey towards confidence and self-discovery. Crafted with heart and expertise, this engaging toolkit guides young minds to embrace...
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Activity Toolbox 2 (ages 6-14)
Certainly, Akeisha! Here's a revised and more concise version of your product description, maintaining the essence of empowerment, inspiration, and education that you embody: The HerTruSelf Activity Toolkit is a treasure trove of scientifically researched tools, designed to empower girls...
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Building Confidence Kit PDF (ages 6 - 11)
 Printable worksheets and activities for girls to develop confidence.  With this, girls will learn how to overcome self-doubt and start believing in themselves and their abilities. This 34 pages workbook is designed to teach girls:- How to face and overcome challenges.- Girls can discover their...
Daily Affirmation Cards
 Positive Affirmation Cards, a transformative tool designed to help young girls build a positive and healthy self-image, boost confidence, and enhance self-esteem. These 20 beautifully designed affirmation cards serve as discussion points and motivational tool for daily inspiration. How to...
Embrace the Journey to Confidence with HerTruSelf's 1-on-1 Workshop for Girls (Ages 6-16):
  At HerTruSelf, we believe in empowering every girl to shine with confidence, embrace her unique beauty, and navigate life's challenges with resilience. Join us for an individualized workshop experience that brings growth, self-love, and emotional mastery to your daughter's...
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Girl Power Tee
 Girls' Empowerment Tee - a powerful reminder of self-identity and values. Our custom tees are designed to empower girls, fostering a strong sense of self and purpose. Stand Out with Personalization: Each tee is customizable, allowing girls to express their...
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Group Workshops
The group workshops provide a dynamic and interactive setting for girls 6-16 yrs to engage with like-minded peers. These workshops foster teamwork, empathy, and social skills, while also encouraging self-expression and personal development. The small group size of (5-10 kids)...
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HerTruSelf - T-Shirt - White
Introducing our HerTruSelf Design Tee in White - a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from 100% cotton, this tee offers both comfort and style, perfectly tailored to your size. Product Features: 100% cotton for a soft and breathable feel...
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HerTruSelf Planner For Girls
 Girls' Daily Planner - the perfect tool to help young girls plan, focus, and achieve their daily goals. This planner is packed with engaging activities designed to enhance organization, goal-setting, and self-reflection. Key Features: Daily goal setting: Encourages girls to...
HerTruSelf Self Reflective Mirror
Unlock the Power of Self-Love with the HerTruSelf Reflection Mirror. This compact mirror is a daily reminder to embrace your unique beauty and appreciate every feature that makes you special. Carry it with you wherever you go and let it...
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My Big Emotions Activity Journal
Introducing My Big Emotions Journal, a powerful tool designed to support children aged 6-13 in developing emotional regulation skills. With 72 pages of carefully crafted activities, this journal empowers children to process and manage their emotions in a healthy and constructive...
Parent-Daughter Bonding Workshop: A Journey of Connection and Understanding
Join us for a transformative 90-minute parent-daughter workshop focused on creating a safe space within the household. In this workshop, we will explore strategies to foster open communication, emotional expression, and understanding between parents and daughters. By cultivating a safe...
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Positive Emotional Flaps
Introducing our Positive Emotions Flaps, a transformative tool designed to support children in understanding and expressing their emotions effectively. Each flap gives them the opportunity to express their emotions daily, providing a tangible way for children to engage with their...
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The 1-on-1 sessions are a personalized coaching program spanning over six weeks. Each participant will receive individualized attention and guidance to address specific needs and goals. Through targeted discussions, activities, and support, girls will develop a deeper understanding of themselves,...
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Self-Esteem WorkBook PDF
A printable worksheets and activities for girls to develop high self-esteem.  With this, girls will learn how to overcome their negative self-talk and start believing in themselves and their abilities. This 30 pages workbook is designed to teach you: - How to turn negative thoughts...
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