Welcome to HerTruSelf, the premier platform for empowering young and teenage girls through the development of emotional intelligence, boosting their confidence, and enhancing self-esteem. Leveraging research-driven strategies, we offer your daughters the key life skills essential for their self-discovery and empowerment journey.Inside our Activity Toolkit, you'll find activities based on scientific research, and straightforward guides, all designed to educate and transform. Our unique approach encourages each girl to celebrate her individuality in a supportive space.Our commitment extends beyond traditional education, focusing on the holistic well-being of each girl, helping them to radiate in their truest form. We provide enriching workshops, interactive community events, and content tailored to meet the evolving needs of our young learners. Join our vibrant, community-centric platform where learning, growth, and empowerment occur daily. Start your journey to unlocking limitless potential today. Explore, engage, and begin the transformation with us. Welcome aboard!

A Counselor's Experience with the Hertruself Toolkit

As an elementary school counselor, I've introduced the Hertruself Toolkit to our girls, witnessing its transformative impact firsthand. It’s a powerful resource for teaching emotional intelligence, fostering empathy, and improving self-awareness. The toolkit's engaging activities have not only enriched our students' emotional understanding but also strengthened our school community. Highly recommended for educators seeking to support emotional growth.
Purchased: Activity Tookit
Sera Gounter

A Game Changer.

I recently purchased the activity toolkit for my 8-year-old daughter and it has been amazing! The activities are engaging and educational, and my daughter loves them. I have noticed a significant improvement in her confidence and self-esteem since we started using Hertruself products.
Purchased: Motivational Box
Movational Box

Positive Emotion

My favorite thing about this box is that it changes the way you think about yourself and it allows you to express how you feel. I love to start my day by using my positive emotion flaps to express my feelings, looking into the mirror and repeating my "I AM" statements, and leaving home with my affirmation cards in my backpack.

Movational Box

Jayla Brown, Positive thinker
Motivational Box


I have tried several brands that claim to promote girls' self-esteem and emotional intelligence, but Hertruself stands out as the best. Their products are high-quality and effective, and they offer a wide variety of options to choose from. I highly recommend Hertruself to any parent or caregiver looking to support a girl's growth and development.
Activity Toolkit

Awesome Summer Camp

The "hertruself" Box was really creative and fun. I loved how everyday we got a new activity from the box. I really liked the scroll it was fun and creative.
Salma Faraj
Movational Box

A Teacher's Perspective on the Elements in Hertruself Toolkit

As a fifth-grade teacher, navigating the diverse range of emotions in my classroom is a daily task. I've incorporated the Elements for Hertruself toolkit into our activities, and I must express, it's been a valuable addition. Investing in this toolkit has significantly contributed to fostering emotional intelligence among my students. It's a resource I've found to be incredibly beneficial and highly recommend for educators looking to support emotional development.

Movational Box

Kasey Huffman
Motivational Box

From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief

My daughter always had a tough time seeing her own worth, always finding something to criticize about herself. After wasting money on countless resources that didn't help, I came across this Motivational box. Though I was a bit doubtful at first, the change it brought was unbelievable. She started using it every day, and it wasn't long before I noticed a big shift in how she talked about herself. Gone were the days of self-doubt; she started believing in herself.
Otheila, Parent
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