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The HerTruSelf Activity Toolkit is an innovative resource designed to empower girls aged 6 to 14, guiding them on their journey towards building confidence and discovering their true selves. It's a carefully crafted set of tools that focus on developing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-worth. Here’s what the toolkit includes: Positive Emotion Flaps: These help girls identify and express their positive emotions, fostering a positive and grateful mindset. Negative Emotion Pouch: This tool teaches girls to acknowledge and manage challenging emotions in a healthy way. Coping Strategy Cards: These cards offer practical strategies for managing emotions like anger and frustration, enhancing emotional intelligence. Mirror with "The Reflection of a Beautiful Girl": This mirror serves as a reminder of each girl's unique beauty and self-worth. Affirmation Cards: These cards provide daily positive affirmations to boost confidence and overall well-being. Customizable Blank Affirmation Cards: Girls can create their own affirmations with these cards, encouraging creativity and self-expression. "I AM" Statements Scroll: This scroll contains empowering affirmations that support resilience and a strong sense of self. The toolkit is designed for daily use, offering a structured yet flexible approach to emotional and personal development. It’s an engaging way for girls to learn about themselves and their emotions, providing a strong foundation for their growth into confident and self-aware individuals.
The HerTruSelf Activity Toolkit is designed for girls aged 6 to 14. However, the tools can be adapted for slightly younger or older children as needed.
There's no set time limit; it's more about quality than quantity. Even just a few minutes each day can be meaningful. Listen to your child's needs and adjust the time accordingly.
While the toolkit is designed with young girls in mind, the concepts of emotional intelligence and self-affirmation are universal. Boys can also benefit from these tools, albeit with some adjustments to suit their experiences.
It’s important to respect your child’s comfort level. Encourage them gently, but don’t force participation. Over time, as they become more familiar with the toolkit, they may be more open to trying different parts.
While the toolkit is a valuable resource for emotional development and coping strategies, it is not a substitute for professional psychological help. If your child is experiencing significant emotional or behavioral difficulties, it's important to seek advice from a qualified professional.
Yes, the toolkit can be a valuable resource in group settings like classrooms or workshops. It can facilitate discussions about emotions, coping strategies, and self-esteem. Teachers or facilitators can use the activities to encourage teamwork, empathy, and understanding among peers.
Motivation can be fostered by making the activities fun and engaging. You can set a regular "toolkit time" each day, turn the activities into a game, or create a reward system for consistent use. It's also helpful to participate with your child, showing that you value the toolkit's activities.
Approach sensitive topics with openness and understanding. Create a safe space for your child to express her feelings without judgment. If a particularly sensitive issue arises, listen attentively and consider seeking additional support or professional advice if needed.
While the toolkit comes with a set of predefined components, many of them, like the Blank Affirmation Cards, are designed for personalization. We encourage parents and educators to adapt the discussions and activities to suit the individual needs and preferences of their child or students.
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